PORTIA Thanksgiving 2018



Happy Thanksgiving

… Thanksgiving and its meaning has changed for me over the years and gives me new things to be grateful for every year. This year, after such a long search I finally found my mom, someday when you ask, I will tell you the whole story. I found her, and such a weight was lifted from me not knowing if she was alive or passed away or worse, she thought I was dead!

 All this worrying over the years has made me more grateful for my mom and everything she did and sacrificed for my brother and I when we were essentially kids. I was able to acknowledge to her today what I wasn’t able to as a kid or young adult, is how much her wisdom, work ethic, kindness, direction, stories, spirituality, giving me the opportunity to succeed or fail without interference and the ability to love unconditionally,  some of those things were taught without a word even ever being said…. Just through sheer observation.  I told her today through tears of joy and relief how much she was an influence on me becoming the man I am today. As incredibly sad as I am sometimes not to have you with me right now, I hope in some small way I will have a positive and meaningful impact on your life someday as well boo.

AS such I am blessed as so lucky to have a daughter as smart, witty, compassionate, giving and beautiful as you, I really lucked out, I know first hand how hard it can be, being a teenager… I know as much fun as it can be its also emotionally and physically draining, and we worry about things as adults that sometimes are ultimately and, in your lifetime, will seem insignificant years down the road. So, with that said, I want you to know I am again so grateful for you that I have been blessed with a daughter that I can love unconditionally where ever we may be, my heart may ache because of the miles between us but my love is limitless where ever we may be. Thank you for being the best you can be and for giving me the opportunity to love someone like no one else.


Happy Thanksgiving boo live in the now, ‘cause tomorrow is never promised.



P.S jut a few of my grateful times with you… more to come LOVE You BOO