001: Architectural home design, ......The first step... by

A Journey of a thousand miles begins with one… the first step, in this case ….Architectural home design, a step towards a life changing event….. So you want to move forward into a progression of your existence, your being, your life direction….. for some is losing the last 20 lbs for others its starting a new life after a divorce or maybe your empty nesters and the kids are FINALLY out of the house or you just want to construct a better living environment, but where do you start? how do you start? who do you start with?

There are a lot of factors and questions you have, want and need to know before you build a new house,add on to the one you’ve had for the last 20 years or just add a bigger kitchen or outdoor pool………. OK so lets go!..lets break it down, simple like!.. and i mean simple.. please don’t mistake this blog for oversimplifying the process, ‘cause we know there are dozens of dozens of micro steps in getting you from birth to bed but the purpose of this introduction is to break it down over several posts with question and answer sessions…

5 simple stages

  1. Research phase

  2. Planning and budgeting

  3. Design, review and procurement

  4. Scheduling, build and post construction follow up

  5. Vacuum and move in .. enjoy

Stay tuned this week for the research stage, and if anyone has any questions, construction or design related please email or call me when your free 504 335 6660 or

We look forward to your comments and suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us about anything architecture or design related.!